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firstclassamebo Uncategorized Klopp is turning the EPL to a ‘farmer’s league’

Klopp is turning the EPL to a ‘farmer’s league’

 In past seasons , leagues among the top 5 have been often given the ‘farmer’s league’ tag which refers to lack of good competition from other teams in a particular league. Infact  in these leagues , one to three teams are usually real favorites to win the title.
 The Serie A has seen Juventus win the Scudetto 8 consecutive times with the only real competition in those years of dominance being Napoli.
  In the Bundesliga , there has been a total dominance of the league by the German giants , Bayern Munich , even in the years when they have failed to impress in the UCL. The German side have won 7 consecutive bundesliga titles which is even more shocking considering the transition phase the club has been going through in recent years.
  The La liga has had its share of one sidedness which has been largely due to the magic of arguably the greatest player the game has ever seen , Lionel Messi, he has led the Spanish giants, Barcelona , to 7 league titles in the last 10 years with the only competitors being Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid.
   This season the English Premier League seems to be witnessing the same sort of one sidedness and although it’s a bit early to say the Mersey side team, Liverpool, led by Jurgen Klopp have been the dominant team in recent years (Oops over 30 years actually ), Liverpool have shown they are a class above the rest this season, This can be seen with stats like their point tally which places them 16 points above their closest competition , Manchester City, with one game ind hand. They are also unbeaten in the league this season with 23 games played.
   With other teams suffering an inconsistency in form or being in the transition phase, one cannot write off consecutive league title wins from the Merseyside team.
                                                                                                        By Yusuf Ugbedeojo Abdulfattah
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